Thanksgiving Days

Our day started yesterday morning at four.  It ended after midnight.  Ainsley was very good all day, considering the fact that we dressed her up, strapped her in her car seat 5 times, drove a total of 7 hours, put her in unfamiliar situations, and wanted her to nap on a quilt on the floor instead of her bed.   There were a few times during the day when she was crying inconsolably but we were there to try to comfort her and we worked as a team.

I’m really thankful (really!) about yesterday.  I’m glad that we have family that’s worth going through the trouble to see.  I’m happy that Ainsley has so many people who love her.  And I’m especially happy that she could end the day in her own bed and wake up in familiar surroundings.  Her sleep-wake schedule is a mess but she’s been eating well.

Today I have some cooking to do.  We’re hosting Thanksgiving at our house on Saturday and most of my dishes can be made ahead.  They’re twists on traditional favorites: an apple-cranberry pie, pumpkin mousse tart, green bean and shiitake casserole, and Asian-spiced fried turkey.  I won’t be eating any of the turkey myself but my new eating habits are mine alone; I don’t need to force it on anyone else.

We bought a foam football to toss in the yard and we have strollers to take the kids on walks.  Hopefully our Thanksgiving will be full of tradition…and we can start some new ones, too.

Sunday?  Well, I’ll be going to church with Ainsley and, other than that, I plan to sleeeeeep!

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