Sometimes You’re the Windshield…

mmmm….carbon…sometimes you’re the bug. Last week, I screwed up making couscous. Couscous, people! Here is the complex recipe:

1. Boil water.
2. Add couscous.

And yet I ruined it.

Yesterday, I forgot to change my shoes at work. Due to the longish (10-minute) walk from my car, I Working-Girl it and wear some stylish but comfy Merrell shoes. They’re brown, and my pants black, so when I Mister-Rogers it and change shoes at my desk, I pick shoes to match my outfit. Yes, I have a shoe collection in my coat closet at the office. Work with me here.

I went to a very important meeting full of people who wear designer clothes and have no clue what Working-Girl means (in the context of shoes). Doh! There I was with brown shoes and black pants. Ugly.

Back at my desk, I changed into my Mary Janes and proceeded my usual clomping through the halls. Then this happened.

Can’t a girl catch a break?

2 thoughts on “Sometimes You’re the Windshield…

  1. I just don’t understand the shoe thing, and I guess I never will. But I do understand wanting to match. If I could just find something comfy that was presentable for work, I’d be the happiest girl on Earth.

    I remember going to Chicago as a kid and being fascinated at all the women on the sidewalks in hose and tennis shoes. I thought they were really smart! But why do we have to wear different shoes for each outfit? Why can’t the shoes we work in be as useful and comfortable as any other part of the day? I’m not asking to wear slippers to work. But I just cannot be productive when my feet hurt.

    I want to be a dude and wear slacks and the same pair of practical, comfy shoes every day. It’s not fair!

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