Seven Meme

I was tagged by Mymsie, so here it is! All Seven and we’ll watch them fall….
>>Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.

  1. I have a weird food disorder- I eat in my sleep. I don’t remember doing it until I see the remnants of my feasts the next day. I saw a 20/20 special on Sleep Eating and was horrified by the hidden camera shots of people eating- they were stuffing their faces. The interesting thing is that people never make healthful choices: 100% of people choose high fat and/or high calorie foods. “Choose” might be a misnomer. I have eaten some seriously random things: the worst was when I took out a stick of butter, dumped dry chocolate cake mix on it, and ate it with a fork. The next day, the butter was still stabbed with a fork and there was cake mix everywhere.
  2. I love Barbara Mandrell.
  3. When I was in first grade, I would walk to school. On the way home, I picked up litter I found on the sidewalk (I was already environmentally conscious!) and my mom would be horrified by the junk in my hands. First graders have no concept of germs!
  4. One of my favorite things to do is to be unexpected. I like to defy people’s expectations of who I am. For instance, I brew beer and I like to play nerdy D&D-style games. I think my paternal grandma started this. In her eulogy, they mentioned that she was so proper as to wear a hat and gloves to the grocery, but she was also an avid NFL fan.
  5. I’m in a Backstreet Boys video for about half a second…and yes, there is a story behind it.

  6. I am simply unable to eat baby food. From formula to milk to pureed peaches, I think it’s all disgusting and I can’t even try any of it.
  7. If I could rewind time, I wouldn’t. I used to think I would really like to take back some regrettable actions (see number 5 above), but I now I really feel like they helped make me better because I learned from them.

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  1. Amy was already tagged- no fair!
  2. Hey, Oz? Up for a meme?
  3. GBHII probably won’t do it.
  4. CGB has become too tech-focused for such tomfoolery.
  5. ChubbyChick might do it, if she’s not already tagged.
  6. Sherri might be busy tending sheep.
  7. I don’t have any other friends. I think this is a sign. Waahhhh 🙁

7 thoughts on “Seven Meme

  1. heyy!! #5 says you were in a bsb video for half a second. which second would that be?? i wanna see!

    and tell me the story behind it plz.

    ive alwasy been interested in this music video and the people in it!


  2. Wow, who knew anyone would still care about my BSB video?? I’m at -2:11 minutes, right after the scene with Brian singing and holding a contrabass in its case. It’s a profile shot, and I’m wearing a pink top.

  3. [quote comment=””]I think I may be insulted.[/quote]

    Nooo! No insult meant! Just didn’t think meme-ing was your thing! My greatest humble apology. 🙂

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