Realization of Banality

As NaBloPoMo marches forward, I am guessing lots of blogs are starting to have one-liner posts that say “this is hard” or other fluff.

I felt like I was running out of what to say, too.  Then I realized that I can be chatty with the best and worst of them.  But there are no topics I want to fling into cyberspace for everyone to see.

While I do have my bad days, I try to keep the whining to a minimum on my blog.  Yes, blogs are basically serialized whining, but I do try to be more positive than negative.  I just don’t see a need to fling negativity into the world.  I also do have some need for privacy.  I noticed with amusement the other day that there are topics I won’t discuss with people in person but that I feel comfortable declaring to anyone seeing my link on NaBlo.  There are yet other topics that I don’t really ever discuss.

But I’m running out of interesting, positive stuff.  I will be back to my regular posts soon, but for now I have writer’s block.  Little Ainsley was up very late last night and that doesn’t mean she slept late today!  So I’m sleep-deprived and not very creative.

OK, it’s time to stop writing.  I have begun about five sentences that were so boring I deleted them.

Good night.

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