Rainy Days and Mondays Never Get Me Down…32 to Go!

Unrelated to the rest of the post: I love this weather. It’s dark, dreary and drizzly. The occasional thunderstorm is fun to watch too. My living room has a big window and Ainsley and I sit by it to read books and watch storms blow toward us.

If you read my last post, you know that my diet has become a big struggle for me. Ainsley is still having an allergic reaction to something I eat, including potential minor bleeding. So I had to go on a totally bland diet of:

  • brown rice
  • chicken
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • water

That’s it. That’s all I can consume until we figure out her issue. It seems easier to just give up and feed her formula, but formula has its own issues. It can make her digestion problems worse. It can exacerbate the bleeding. The medical professionals with whom I’m consulting all say she’s better off nursing than switching to formula, so I’m staying the course. Meanwhile, I still think chicken is gross. If you don’t care about humane slaughter, then surely you care that current slaughter techniques may increase pathogenic contamination. Reading articles like this just makes it worse; now we’re studying them to see how much blood makes them look better in the grocery?

Boo!However, there is no alternate source of protein for me. She may have a soy allergy, a wheat allergy, or who knows what. I can’t have wine, dessert, oatmeal. Zip. It’s annoying. I don’t feel like cooking anything for Carlton because I hate looking at stuff I can’t eat or even taste. But totally 100% worth every bland bite (see photo at right!).

Oh, and shame on me- almost no walking. But I’m still dropping pounds. I would like to be not just thin, but also be fit, so hopefully my c-section recovery book will arrive soon.

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