Working on Losing 40 Pounds after Cesarean Section

When I became pregnant, I didn’t just gain the healthy 30-35 pounds recommended.  I gained almost 70.  I whined about it in this post a few months ago.

As a result, I developed a racing heart rate and had a pretty hard time with exhaustion toward the end.  I also didn’t have the luxury of bouncing back to my pre-baby weight quickly; I have one friend who lost all of her baby weight within two weeks.

I’ve been trying to eat right and be active for a couple of weeks, but I still don’t like looking in the mirror these days and it’s pretty easy to feel down.  Then I saw this inspirational blog.  I love how upbeat it is and how accepting she is of the challenge ahead.  I want my journey to be positive too!

I have some special considerations; I have to be very careful not to over-diet or I’ll not be able to adequately nurse the baby.  I had a c-section, so I can’t do a lot of exercises just yet or I risk injury.  I’m planning on taking it easy and watching my diet carefully.  I’m buying this book to help with good exercises that won’t be too much.

Speaking of my diet, I’m a flexitarian who is currently also not eating any dairy products.  The no-dairy is somewhat temporary and is because it is the number one allergy issue with nursing infants, so I’m avoiding it just in case.

Does anyone know of any books with good veg/vegan diets?