Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix directed by David Yates

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Well, another Harry Potter movie is on the books.  I’m not a huge fan like some, but the series of movies are well-made, and nerds of all types can enjoy fantasy movies.

Having never read a Potter series book, each movie unfolds as totally new to me.  I thoroughly enjoy the creative ways that the screenwriter has made a tome into a manageable movie instead of a four-hour painstaking recreation.

The plot unfolds quickly, with a sugary sweet villain.  I was a little taken aback by the notion that the Ministry of Magic would be foolish enough to deny that Voldemort had returned, but it was a minor flaw.  The totalitarian rule of the new headmaster results in a secret society of young magicians: this seemed to be a reflection of what happens when any ruling body removes all individual freedom/power.

Lush decor in every scene was fantastic eye candy.  I felt that Hogwarts was real at every turn.  The CGI only distracted me briefly, except for the 3D section.  I saw the film in IMAX and it had the Dumbledore versus Voldemort battle unfold in 3D.  While many of the images were breathtaking and showed amazing perspective, I was sometimes so busy studying the 3D flaws that I stopped watching the film.  Plus, donning and doffing the glasses took me out of the magical world each time.

Ron’s role was dwarfed by Hermoine’s, and that might not have been a bad thing.  He was a comic foil that was overused in the last Potter film.  I really liked his character, though, and missed him.

The best line of the movie?  Hermoine: “[Ron,] you have the emotional range of a teaspoon.”

A great film for die-hard fans and for casual nerds like me.  Possibly the best of the entire series.

[rate 4.5]

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