Gen Con 2007- Another #$@!

In 2005, I had to miss all day Thursday due to work obligations.  I didn’t have a chance to rant on my website because I wasn’t a blogger yet.


As you may recall from last year, I had to miss part of Gen Con due to a scheduling conflict at work.  Now, the training session I had to attend ended in a promotion, so it was all for a good cause…but still sad.  Even with the missed time, last year’s Gen Con was one of my better years- I played more types of games than ever, in every type of media except computer games.  My brother and I even dragged my sister to the huckster hall and she loved it!


This year, I’m missing part of Gen Con.  Again.  For the third year in a row.  And this year, by “part of Gen Con,” I mean all of it.  Oh sure, it is for a very, very good reason (as you’ll see in a few days),  but I am still very sad.  I will miss not only the convention itself, but also the chance to see friends I only see at Gen Con, to spend more time with friends I do see regularly, and to spend time gaming with some friends who don’t make it out and about very often.


So to all my friends who will be there: game extra hard for me!  And WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!



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