3 Sisters Cafe in Broad Ripple – Indianapolis

After reading Nuvo’s latest “Best of Indianapolis” issue, we decided to try a new place. Of course, we both realized we’d been there before, but it had been years.

I ordered Bob, a cheese omelet with calico potatoes and sourdough toast; Carlton ordered the SOB, which was scrambled eggs filled with fresh vegetables, cilantro, and salsa on the side. I also ordered a smoothie of mango, pineapple, and lime. The omelet was fluffy and delicious, but all items on my plate was a little cold when it arrived at the table. The calico potatoes had sweetness and cinnamon that were tasty. The SOB was underwhelming: despite being very colorful, it had little flavor or kick, even with the accompanying salsa. We agreed that the generous four slices of sourdough toast per person were delicious.

3 Sisters is in a very old house, but was very clean. I did not see the restrooms. My water glass had a vague dishwater odor, but the plates and flatware were spotless.

Our server was friendly and attentive. She complimented my choice of smoothie and helped me select the right potato side dish.

Unsupervised children will be given espresso and a free kittenThe atmosphere is relaxed, with local artwork on display throughout the brightly painted house-tunred-cafe setting. Sadly, the words in the painting of which I took a picture are illegible. It says “Unattended children will be given espresso and a free kitten.” I laughed out loud. Other quirky paintings liven the atmosphere as well. It’s a bustling, slightly noisy cafe with indoor and outdoor seating. The creaky floors and antique hardware add to the homey atmosphere.

The prices were somewhat reasonable, considering the large portions. However, I don’t equate large portions with value. The smoothie was $5, which was a bit pricey but was the most delicious part of my meal, so it was worth it.

6360 Guilford Ave
Indianapolis, IN


[rate 3.5]

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  1. 3 Sisters is one of my favorite restaurants in Indy! They have the best buckwheat pancakes – mmmmmm! And the spinach melt is to die for too.

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