…And Justice for All

Going the posted speed limit saves fuel.  I’ve also found that I am not as stressed while driving and that I don’t feel as temperamental toward other drivers.  However, it does mean I have to be much more cognizant of other drivers so I don’t annoy them.

So, as I travel on I-65 North in the slow lane, 465 West starts to merge.  Lots of cars are merging so I need to move to the middle lane.  I flip on my turn signal and increase my speed.  A Corvette zips by, but there’s room between the Vette and the pickup truck behind it.  I change to that lane.  The pickup truck, deciding I shouldn’t be in the middle lane (though the fast lane is still open), tailgates me, then whips around me and cuts me off, making gestures at me the whole way.

Little do the two in the truck know that one of the vehicles merging is a police car.  The officer pulls next to them and gestures at them, pointing his finger.  The truck’s passenger makes some attempt to explain.  The officer motions to the road’s shoulder and flips on his lights.

Yes folks, the jerks who cut me off and made me slam on my brakes were pulled over by a police officer.  There’s nothing like instant gratification, is there?

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