10 Pet Peeves

Because I’m sleep-deprived, that’s why.

  1. Mindless pop. Oh sure, give me fluffy pop songs, but at least make the lyrics semi-interesting.
  2. People who avoid eye contact instead of saying “hello.”
  3. The smell of laundry detergent and especially softener. It gives me migraines.
  4. Cat hair.
  5. Poorly designed web retail sites.
  6. A profound moment in a movie ruined by the characters stating the obvious, as the writers were worried we hoi polloi are too stupid to understand symbolism.
  7. People who are so caught up in their beliefs that they don’t see that other opinions may also be valid.
  8. Wasted energy (enormous trucks that never haul anything, house uplights all night)
  9. White Zinfandel’s very existence.
  10. Dirty shoes on clean floors.

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