To a Dee-luxe Cubicle in the Sky

I’ve said before that I work for a great company.  Oh sure, there are bad days, but I always wanted to work here and it has been the best place I’ve ever worked.  I believe in the nobility of our mission and the urgency to do more to help the patients who depend on us.

I don’t even know where to start, so I’ll begin at the end: I just earned a big promotion.

I will be working with a totally new group of people.  These are the kind of professionals from which one learns by example, by conversation, by everything.  I will be reporting to a woman who has been an inspiration to me since – literally – the first day I worked here.

My office is moving downtown, and I will dearly miss my current coworkers.  But this is the opportunity I have worked my whole career to earn. 

I’m so excited I could pop.

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  1. I started reading my website to Carlton- in German- a language I don’t speak. As I giggled and read on, the look on his face said, “dear God, why did I give her the translation buttons?”

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