Saying Goodbye

Carlton’s stepdad passed away today. He’s been in Carlton’s life for over twenty years, so it’s hard to say goodbye. Carlton’s mom has been preparing for this- her husband has been ill for quite some time. But nothing ever really prepares one for the end.

As a group of friends and family held hands to say the Lord’s Prayer with him, he breathed with difficulty. Right after the group said “amen,” he coughed his last breath and passed away among a group of people who loved him.

As he was carried from his room to the hearse, snowflakes gently fell on the cloth covering him. He loved the snow. It’s quite fitting he feel the snowfall one last time on this earth.

So goodbye, and this picture is for you.

Snow for Harold

3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. Michelle, Ashley, Jenna & I send our condolences south with you to Kentucky. I know it isn’t much, but if it snows, I’ll be sure you have a clear driveway for when you return.

  2. Wow, thanks for the clean driveway after five inches of snow. It was really nice not to have to fight to get in the garage.

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