Once Again, New Functionality for the Blog

Like many webnerds, I realized that my poor little website was suffering from neglect.  FrontPage served its purpose but it was a lot of work!  So, as the blog I had not wanted grew by leaps and bounds, poor little Website was two years old with nary an update.

Enter Webmaster Carlton.  Without my asking, he converted the whole site into my blog.  If you look at the navigation bar to the right, the “Pages” section houses my old website, converted into a nice, easy (read:lazy) editing format.  Maybe I’ll work on those pages now…maybe.

Next, you’ll note the “News Stories I Digg” section.  That’s a listing of the last ten stories that I found compelling on Digg.com.  It’s like a mini-blog, but lazier: here are the current events I follow, but I can’t be bothered with writing a blog entry.  Aah, the joys of someone to program for me.  Carlton basically reads my thoughts and implements them on my site without even asking.

Following that are my blog categories (unchanged) and my cool Netflix queue with cover art.  I love that the art is displayed, not just titles.  Webmaster Carlton is responsible for all of these cool changes, so if you want more information, here is how to contact him.  That’s right, Carlton, I’m making you the IT Master for all my readers!

If you have any comments/suggestions on the format or content, please let me know and I (*cough*…Carlton) will implement them.  Enjoy!

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