Blogging = Existence?

If they won't make the dough, then we'll put them to work spooning it onto the sheet!Am I becoming Madonna in Truth or Dare, where Warren Beatty comments that to her, life isn’t worth living unless it’s worth being on film/blogging? Nah.

Had some friends over for dinner, cooked some yummy food, drank some delicious wine, and had great conversations. Here’s a pic of Amy and Carlton, official back-seat-drivers of David’s and my cookie making abilities.

Once I’ve finished writing the recipe we made, this link will send you to it.

4 thoughts on “Blogging = Existence?

  1. I guess I’d had too much wine because I don’t remember directing the cookie-making so much! I do think I commented on butter vs. buttery Crisco. I had a brief panicky few moments after eating the dough that the Crisco was lard rather than vegetable shortening, but I convinced myself of the latter after envisioning the classic blue can my mom always had in her lazy susan.

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