Wednesday is so cool!

Another work-related post…stop yawning!

This week has been very busy.  I’m on a special project that has me away from my desk all week and multi-tasking like crazy.  It is very demanding, and this type of project is part of the reason that I do my job all year.  It’s like the final exam every semester except that my grade also depends on the performance of others.

So while last week may have been hard, this week tests our mettle even more strongly.  I come home every night, after 13 plus hours of work, physically and mentally drained.

I arrived home to a small gathering of people at my house, all in the home theater with Carlton.  When I opened the door, they spontaneously said “hooray!”  It made my day in the nerdiest way.

It was a great night.  One of the guests noted that the five of us were probably too intelligent to all be in the same room.  We had a wide variety of personalities and beliefs.  It fueled some very heated debates.  I loved seeing how the discussions would turn; how we would passionately discuss every facet; how sometimes, it led to new revelation and new thought.  My brother noted that without being open to new ideas, we cease to grow and learn.  We were not a diverse group ethnically, but all five of us brought amazing diversity of logic and expression and knowledge.  It was really eye-opening.

Funny how a plain old Wednesday night can turn into a special event.

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