Why Carlton is Fantastic

  1. cgb_and_knh.JPGHe knows everything about computers and shares it willingly with everyone who asks.  But not in a snotty way.
  2. He set up our Sonos music player for the audiophile in me.
  3. Pet songs.  Custom songs for each pet, sung to the tune of eighties hits.
  4. He brought me flowers for no reason yesterday.
  5. He loves my bratty little doggie even though she’s not macho.
  6. He loves my bratty little self!
  7. Everything he does is done perfectly or not at all.
  8. He puts the car keys on top of my coffee cup he’s prepared for me so I don’t forget the coffee.  Or the car.  Or my head (I’m really sleepy in the morning).
  9. Even though he SO doesn’t understand my nerdy hobbies or my artistic angst, he supports me 100% and even feigns interest.  How many gamers come home to a spouse who asks if their character did well?
  10. He’s spent hours trying to find the right car for me, even though I’m totally flighty about it.
  11. He likes to dress well because he knows I like it.  Now THAT is love.
  12. I can take him to a party full of people he doesn’t know and he shines.  He’s not stuck to my elbow and hating every minute.
  13. When he hugs me his arms wrap all the way around me because he’s so tall.
  14. He is one of the kindest people I know, and kindness is underrated in our society.

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