A Message to all My Lurkers

Statistics are Fun!OK, so I'm loving the webalizer stats for my website.  As evidenced by my earlier weight loss graphs, I love to measure useless info.  So here it is.

My site has an average of 600-700 hits daily.  But hits are cheap and they could be anything, such as some moronic 'bot trying to post spam on my blog.  So I look mostly at the visits.  The bar graph shows total visits and total unique sites; the "2067" is the maximum number of visits I've had in one month and is the top line of the graph.  I average 40 or 50 unique visits to my site, especially the blog portion.  Over the course of a year, that's a staggering 17,000 visitors!

I'd like to pat myself on the back for my cracklin' good website, but I have a sinking feeling that it's mostly bots.  If it isn't, then it begs the question:I Love Graphs!


If you read my Gen Con post, you know how I love to learn about new people.  Why do you like my site?  Why do you lurk on my blog?  Submit a comment to this post, if you dare.  Regular contributors need not comment.  I promise that if you don't want the comment published I won't make it publicly viewable.    I just want to know whooooo are yoooo…..

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