lifeboat.JPGIt's called Lifeboat, but I kept calling it Overboard- maybe because my character kept being dunked! 

I had the opportunity to play this game with its developer, Jeff Siadek.  It was a fun game that could appeal to traditional role players as well as non-gamers looking for a fun "game night" type game.  The rules were not complex, and after understanding a bit about mechanics, it was easy to play.  Of course, experience brings better playing, but I do like a game that beginners can enjoy right out of the box.  The only thing it needs is a game mat to keep track of what activities your character has done that turn (row, fight, et cetera) I will be buying my own copy soon! It was amazing to me to play a game with the person who developed it. It was so much fun to see what their take on playing was.  Plus, the Bucket of Chum card is a stroke of comic genius.

I had purchased Wench, another game-night type game, the previous year, but this game is much more fun and FAR less offensive.  I would recommend it to all types of gamers.  There's nothing like throwing your friends off of a Lifeboat!!!

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