battlestations.JPGI missed the 10-minute noob intro for Battlestations because I was talking on the phone.  That was quite unfortunate: the game is quite complex.  There is one board to show space location and a board each for each ship, built from square modules.  It is a blend of space tactics, board games, and role playing.  I really liked the game pieces and layouts: the artwork was clear and well done, plus the pieces make roleplaying easier when we aren't having to draw every dungeon/room/alley.  Having read zero of the modules, I spent most of the game feeling frustrated.  As I was playing the game with its developers (Jeff and Jason Siadek), two other seasoned Battlestations veterans, and a lifelong gamer, it was difficult for me to overcome my “first-timer” jitters. 

I had everyone telling me what to do and most of my independent decisions were pretty bad.  The veterans and game developers were immersed in advanced play and I kept having to stop them for instructions.  I wish I had played in an all-noob demo first.  For example, the ship designs were relatively complex and I had no idea what were the best actions.  From what I saw of the game, this is the type of adventure that can be built to be more challenging as the GM allows.  I would love to play again after reading the modules and grasping better the space concept.  I have never played a space RPG so it’s all new to me, unless watching endless episodes of “Star Trek: the Next Generation” counts for anything.

Other online reviews also report this is a complex game, but often the complex ones are the most challenging and (duh) most rewarding.

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  1. It was quite challenging, especially since we didn’t know the ins and outs like everyone else at the table. I think that my generous dice that evening made me seem more competent than I was. 🙂 When Jeff told me to roll to see if our ship blew up and roll anything but snake eyes, I full well expected my dice to balance the scales.

    It remended me of a cross between Star Fleet Battles and a RPG, with the ship diagram used in SFB blown up to map size.

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