So tired.

Bella_KNH.jpgWhat is my deal?  Why does life seem so hard when it is so, so easy?

For everyone's amoosement, here is a picture someone took of me in a wax museum.  Several people were mugging with the figures, so I decided to try.  I was touring the place alone, so a stranger took this photo.  It's hard to be silly with a total stranger saying "which button do I push?"

I need to clean my house.  Please don't even mention my aquariums.  I am overwhelmed.  Yes, that's right: I have a wonderful home, Carlton, my whole family, a job that pays me well, and more than I ever dreamed of having.  Whine, whine.

I need a challenge.  I need new things, new experiences, and new people to challenge my perspectives.  I want to sleep well, to drink great wine, and to be less judgemental.  I am tired.

4 thoughts on “So tired.

  1. Ok, your comments thing hates me. Being Mr. Obvious, it sounds like you are bored. I’ve been in funks that stem from boredom despite having a house full of stuff I should do and a house full of stuff I can do to amuse myself while avoiding the stuff I should do. I can’t really give you a good formula for how to break the rut as I’ve always come out after a day or two.

    I know, that’s not really helpful. I’m not a cheerleader (or therapist), but you have friends and family who care (and will probably go to great lengths to amuse you 🙂 ).

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