The Ultimate Mooch

Wow, I haven’t blogged in forever.  Now is a great time to restart!  That is, before my laptop dies…

Life has taken me to some interesting places lately.  Currently, I’m sitting … well I’ll get to that: 

First, I love my family.  I have taken many business trips with my sister where she worked all day while I lounged by the pool, ordered room service, had a massage.  Then we would find a fantastic restaurant, club, or both (!) and have a fabulous evening.  I love the mix of alone time an d time with someone that a regular vacation does not afford.  I have taken a couple of trips like this with my dad too.

I would be entirely remiss not to mention that I love to mooch.  Now, I’ll eat six free doughnuts in a conference room, but I don’t just mean free stuff.  I think it stems from my love of someone taking care of me.  From my mom with a wet washcloth during a bad fever- to my sister’s friends scaring the junior high girls being mean to me- to my dad taking me to a scary doctor’s appointment- to my brother giving the bird to my exboyfriend- my family takes care of me.  Sure, we take care of each other, but I’m the baby and we all like it that way.

All I pay is airfare and I’m on my way to a nearly-free vacation with someone whom I love and whose company I enjoy.  I arrange for restaurants, bottles of wine, and other things, but for the most part, someone is taking care of me and I love it.

So back to now: I’m traveling with Dad this time.  He is in first-class and was so excited that I was going that he purchased my ticket with his frequent-flier miles.  On our brief layover, he went to “check on the in-flight meals.”  He returned and with a very dadlike flourish dropped a first-class boarding pass in my lap.  So where are we?  Currently, I’m sitting about 30, 500 feet above Nebraska, moving at 536mph toward Honolulu.  Yeah, that’s right, I’ve managed to mooch not just the hotel like usual but first-class tickets to paradise.

Mom and Dad were married and moved to Hawaii as their first home.  I’m excited to see where they lived, where Dad bought her engagement ring, to see the misty eyes when he thinks of those times.  She preferred to stay home rather than fly and while I’m sorry she’ll miss it, this is a fantastic opportunity for me to spend some time with Dad and hear his stories.  Let the fun begin!

Today is
Where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten

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  1. I might point out, that I did not give the “bird” to anyone (at that time). He-who-is-Unnamed decided that flipping ME the bird would be a good idea. I just laughed at him. It was quite comical.

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