Sunny Post-Op Update

Swaddled! I wanted to update everyone on Sunny’s surgery mentioned in an earlier post.

Sunny is resting, and is still a little loopy from pain meds. I have her swaddled in a blanket so she doesn’t need the E collar while she’s with me. She’s eating and drinking OK so far. She’s not quite herself, but she’s had a rough couple of days. I haven’t taken her outside to use the bathroom yet, but she will probably just tripod and be OK.

When I walked out of the exam room with the little princess in the basket, the whole waiting room full of people were smiling and saying “awww.” Everybody loves her braids, too. She didn’t eat it up like usual; too tired and drugged. I’m glad she’s back home and that I could work from home to keep an eye on her.

Thanks to my wonderful sister who chauffeured me to and from the surgeon, and is out retrieving lunch for me so I can work and be with Sunny.

Well, I have to get back to real work- someone has to pay for this surgery!!

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