Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired

For the fourth or fifth time in eight weeks, I’m sick. I had so much planned this weekend; not only unpacking from the trip last week (yeah, that’s right, I haven’t unpacked), but also cleaning the house, working on my weekly to do list for Lent, going to church.

Six people in my department were out of the office on Friday due to illness. My boss had been out earlier in the week, and everyone caught whatever Plague he was coughing on us. So now I have a fever and a very disgusting cough. I am a little down about it, too, because I had such high hopes for a fresh Lenten start this weekend; I’m hopped up on medicine today and my heart is racing, I’m dizzy, and I’m trying to fold laundry.

On a better note, I’m decorating a room of my house and almost all of the packages have arrived. Carlton had wanted to make our house more loft-like, more urban. Right now we have put so much effort toward buying a car that most of the rooms are barely furnished. Our lower-level family room has one brown, one orange, and one tan chair, all leftovers from other areas of the house. Anyway, I’m decorating one room at a time and I’m really excited about it.

Just sitting here typing feels better than when I was walking around. I watched a movie last night and clipped Sunny’s hair in preparation for her surgery later this week. Since they’re shaving her leg, I thought it would look really weird to have one tiny spindle on a mop of a dog. She looks like a lion, with a tiny little body and fluffy white mane!

OK, enough for now. I have some work to do.

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