New Skin for the Blog

OK, so if you are a regular visitor, you’ll notice that the look and feel of this blog have changed. I’d love to hear what you have to say. As for the blogroll, Netflix list, and other links, I asked my husband why they are now all the way at the bottom right, where the reader cannot see them immediately. He responded, “because Internet Explorer sucks.” I must heartily agree. If you look at this page in Firefox, all is well and in the correct place for your lazy clicking pleasure. So, if you want a superior browser, install Firefox immediately! Here’s Carlton’s MUCH better analysis of Firefox.

3 thoughts on “New Skin for the Blog

  1. I like the new skin… though I haven’t tried Firefox yet. Do your static sidebars actually appear and remain off to the right in Firefox?

  2. Oh, yeah the CSS code. That’s a great show. No, wait, that’s CSI. Ah, the old Soviet… no, wait, that’s CCCP. Okay, I have no clue what you’re talking about. But it worked.

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