My Sunny Girl

Yes, we ALL know you're cute.I’ve had my dog for nine years now, and she’s been with me through some really tough times and all the happy times as well. Now, her left knee is going bad and she needs some expensive surgery.

I don’t really care about the money, but I feel so guilty about her poor little knee. It snaps every time she goes up a stair. We bought her a ramp, but she still ignores us occasionally and uses the stairs. Not to mention that surgery recovery is going to be long and painful. She’s going to want to know why I put her through this. I can barely think about it. But sometimes, I can’t shake thinking about it.

I have to teach her how to swim for the post-surgery rehab. She already hates me for brushing and bathing her…I am guessing swimming lessons will not be her favorite!

Well anyway, enjoy the picture. I’ll keep you posted when I schedule the surgery.

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