Stealth directed by Rob Cohen

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I was dragged, kicking and screaming, to this movie even though I watched it at home. I had seen bad reviews, and the reviews were right. Like many action movies with no real plot, the premise revolves around one individual having a serious lack of both morals and knowledge of consequence. It also contains the requisite Nice Guy who Bites It.

WARNING: This paragraph will ruin the plot (if you want to call it that) if you haven’t seen the movie. Jamie Foxx, revered as a chameleon of an actor with the ability to display a multitude of tragic emotions as well as comedic range, dies by being fooled into crashing into a mountain. His performance (driven by a bad script) was so flat that I didn’t feel sad when he died, though he was a main character. I was too busy questioning how one of the top three pilots in the entire navy crashed head-on into a mountain with a little provocation by a droid ship.

The special effects looked very good, but the soundtrack was weak in content and delivery: the music was forgettable and did not use the full range of the surround sound capabilities. Air Force One is still my reference standard.

One saving grace: Jessica Biel looks incredible and was fun to watch.

Don’t waste your rental fees or Netflix time.
[rate 0.5]

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