Mr. & Mrs Smith directed by Doug Liman

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Yet again, I’m dragged to see a movie I didn’t want to see. However, my annoyance at certain actors should have nothing to do with my enjoyment of a movie.

The most striking part of the movie is its color scheme. Most of the costuming and scene dressings are in neutrals- check Mr. Pitt in a light cream shirt, beige sweater, and tan sport coat. The set design follows similar patterns, but it isn’t boring: I would call it vibrant neutrals, but that doesn’t quite capture my meaning. The movie is full of textural interest without being garishly colored.

This is all very beautiful and only fitting when two of the western world’s most visually stunning people are on one screen. The smooth bedside lamps and beautiful silk damask comforter create an almost tactile scene, but the two actors make the final addition to that beauty. The only flaw is when the costume changes are only for costume’s sake, such as matching suits for the two Smiths complete with eyewear. Their first scene in this garb looks more like a catwalk than armed maneuvers in combat.

Suspension of disbelief is a must for this film. Each situation is elaborately impossible; however, the film is not trying for realism or any heavy messages. As the plot unfolds, the physical surroundings deteriorate in a way that somehow reminds me of sexy, tousled hair.

The acting is very good, with Pitt in the type of role he used to eschew before Meet Joe Black. Many a heart fluttered with joy when he started to embrace his status. He adds his own quirks to the role, supplying a well-acted performance. Jolie is at her most beautiful; I know that an actor is perfect when I can’t visualize someone else in the role. To boot, Vince Vaughn’s comic relief is not overly slapstick and humiliating, and he delivers with heart and humor. Not too bad on the eyes either. Mmm mmm.

Of course, nearly the entire thing is implausible, but the movie is a fun little romp that is worth a look if you like action movies.

[rate 3.5]

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