Fueling without Gasoline

I recently joined digg, becoming one of a community of hundreds of thousands of geeks trolling the web for interesting, funny, and useful news. I’m in love with the site (and Kevin Rose ain’t bad either).

Carlton and I have started watching diggnation on weekends. It’s clever, relevant, and hilarious. I feel like I’m in college again with a couple of really smart guys. Carlton and I laugh out loud and still learn stuff! I felt extra-cool the other day when I story I “dugg” when it only had ~125 diggs made it to the front page with over 5,000 diggs.

This story, found on digg, is about diesel technology. Because I married an engine geek, I learned a ton about engines that I’d always wanted to know. I’ve combined my love of cars with my love of environmentally conscious alternatives: using my purchasing power to send a message. My new car is a hybrid and I only wish that there were diesel hybrids!! However, Toyota recently announced that they would not pursue that as an option because of the double premium- $2000 for diesel plus $3000 for hybrid technology is a lot for the average consumer to swallow.

Well anyway. Someday, I hope to submit a story that makes Digg’s front page!!