A Summary of My Week – 2010-10-24

  • is tired but recovering! Hooray. And relieved by the #Colts win. Scraping by is still a "W!" #
  • “@ZacharyLevi: Nerd: One whose unbridled passion for something defines who they are as a person, without fear of other people's judgement.” #
  • will prevail over this monstrous project with elbow grease, skill, oh yes…and coffee. Let's start with the coffee. #
  • just finished work. Yeah, it's going to be a week like this. #
  • The article starts on a sour note but ends hopefully. Change is interesting. @cnnbrk: #dadt policy http://on.cnn.com/dviDD1 #

A Summary of My Week – 2010-10-17

  • Doesn't everyone want their mother-in-law to say "your kid looks just like me?" #
  • had a very nice weekend with Gran-and-clan. Now, for a Colts win! #
  • Nice onside kick, KC. Go #Colts ! #TiVo delay #
  • How can 9-3 feel like the #Colts are losing? #worried #
  • Finally! GO #COLTS #
  • is getting a pedi. Aaah. #
  • “@DalaiLama: To my way of thinking, the diversity that exists among the various religious traditions is enormously enriching.” #
  • Why yes, birthday money, I will give you the privilege of sacrificing yourself for beer brewing. #
  • sees the light at the end of this tunnel. Simply seeing someone believe in me has made the difference. #
  • @ActuallyNPH mashup of great current show +awesome past project:
    Yeah. International Suit Up Day. Stops time. Tell your friends. #drhorrible #
  • @ericstonestreet we are just used to, you know, overreactions to wardrobe humor on tv. #modernfamily in reply to ericstonestreet #
  • loves the fall chill; hot bath for my aches and cold (still no voice). #

A Summary of My Week – 2010-10-10

A Summary of My Week – 2010-10-03

  • I spent 25 minutes running. 192 calories burned. #LoseIt #
  • I spent 1 hour dancing. 230 calories burned. #LoseIt #
  • is listening to pregame and ready to watch. Pour me a Colts and tonic: GO #COLTS #
  • has reasons to love #TiVo I get to watch the season premiere of #Castle on my birthday! Woo hoo! #
  • @ericstonestreet high five! in reply to ericstonestreet #
  • thinks today is a good day for good news. I'm ready! #
  • @tferriss if you have to tell ppl a video titled "sex with animals" is NSFW, I think they may play it there anyway. 🙂 in reply to tferriss #
  • #FTW : just made a 2.5 gallon keg of fresh lime juice and zest, gin, and tonic…dyed blue. GO #COLTS AND TONICS #