A Summary of My Week – 2010-06-27

  • is visiting relatives. #
  • "A problem delayed is a problem denied." -James Wilson, House #
  • Ok, I'm out of the closet and I am a Glee nerd. The costumer must have worked on Pushing Daisies. Anyway… http://j.mp/bCq98A #
  • Why yes, _True Blood,_ I will watch back to back episodes of you. #
  • can't live a facsimile and you shouldn't either. Live a real life that reflects your heart. #
  • I spent 20 minutes running. 224 calories burned. #LoseIt #

A Summary of My Week – 2010-06-13

  • This song is getting played ten times in a row. I feel it today. -Écoute de Mad World de Gary Jules sur mon #Sonos dans toute la maison #
  • I spent 25 minutes running. 280 calories burned. #LoseIt #
  • :):):) Écoute de Don't Let's Start de They Might Be Giants sur mon #Sonos dans toute la maison #
  • "just to make myself more attractive to you/have I failed?" -Écoute de The Last Of The Famous International Playboys de Morrissey #
  • "and I will give you my heart." Écoute de To Me You Are A Work Of Art de Morrissey sur mon #Sonos dans toute la maison #
  • is on my way downtown to enjoy a few events. Let's hope the grey weather stays and the rain doesn't! #
  • was going to event #4 when the thundermaelstrom hit. Here Come the Mummies Show evacuated 🙁 #
  • reconnected with two dear friends and met tons of new ones, too. Thank you. #

A Summary of My Week – 2010-06-06

  • smells the charcoal grills and sees the planes. Welcome race fans! #
  • Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!! #
  • Room's full of strangers, some call me friend…Écoute de By My Side de INXS sur mon #Sonos dans toute la maison #
  • finds the early morning heat and humidity invigorating, like a hill challenging the run. I will best you! #
  • I spent 30 minutes running. 336 calories burned. #LoseIt #