Bring Your Cat Indoors NOW

So it was 11 degrees F outside last night, with a wind chill close to zero.  My husband noticed a small grey cat begging at our door.  We put him into the garage with some food, water, and a litter box.  He drank an entire can of water because he was so thirsty, ate a little food, and cried all night to be let in the house.

He has very soft fur and wasn’t very dirty; he also didn’t have a thick winter coat.  This was somebody’s cat that they’d let outside during the coldest part of the year.

It makes me so angry that people do this to their animals.  Yes, there is the Indianapolis-area law that states in part:

(a) Every owner or keeper of an animal kept in the consolidated city and county shall see that such
(1) Is kept in a clean, sanitary and healthy manner…
(2) Has food that is appropriate for the species in adequate amounts to maintain good health, fresh potable drinking water where appropriate, shelter and ventilation, including quarters that are protected from excessive heat and cold…

But why do we need laws to take care of our companion animals?  It is so much better to keep cats indoors…for their health and safety and for your peace of mind.

Sweet Mini, Purring his Furball Head OffCarlton and I know this first-hand.  Both of our cats were abandoned.  Baja (Mr. Kitty) was being tortured by a pack of cats when he was rescued; Mini (pictured at right) was on the brink of starvation when we saved him.  He had four different parasitic infections and FIV. 

Feeling indignant?  How dare I indict you for letting your cats roam?  If you think your outdoor cats are OK outdoors, it only takes one cat bite from an infected cat to give your cat a death sentence.  Mini is sweet and loveable and doesn’t deserve to be so sick.  If his previous owners had kept him indoors, he would not be facing a very painful death.  Think I’m being melodramatic?  Just look here at what he’s enduring because someone thought it was OK to leave him outside.  We have to keep Mini and Mr. Kitty in separate areas of the house so there’s no risk that Mr. Kitty could become infected.

This sweet grey kitty can’t stay with us; we already have lots of animals, and don’t want to dilute our love and attention of our pets by having too many.

I’m begging you.  Bring your companion animals into your warm home so they can live long, happy, healthy lives.